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From startup to enterprise, from store to side walk business this application is designed by keeping all types of business in mind. We believe in customizing from business to business.

Oversee your projects like never before

A brand new way to reach out to your user online as well as offline. Make use of this application to reach out all users globally.





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POS Setting


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Track Your Growth & Sales:

  • Get complete reports for payments, online sales, customers etc. This will help you knowing the growth of each and every product in your store.
  • Stock managers and store owners can make multiple accounts for staff. Each account consists of a security pin that allows faster switching of staff members to the register.
  • This system allows you to be connected with each activity of your store. Whether you are available in there or not.
  • Manage orders is no more a hassle with this module as it allows one to track and manage.
  • No need to wait for someone who informs you about certain status of your business, but be up to date with actual performance with our solution
  • Our POS system comprises of minimal design that is free from complexity and easy to use.
  • This program features better UX to provide better experience to users.

Some Features

A revolutionary application featuring modern functionality, responsive layout, minimal design and elegance. This module has full potential to handle the retail operations. It comprises of all required features necessary for a modern retail.


With overview & best seller charts,latest 5(sales,quotes purchases & transfers).


Add, edit, delete & view quotes,add sale or purchase from quotes,downlaod as pdf and email quotes.


Add staff users and related actions, Billers (Selling co),Customers & Suppliers with import by csv option.


Standard, combo and digital products, add, edit, delete & view (with reports), print barcodes & labels, import by csv, adjust quantity and update bulk price.


Add, edit, delete & view purchases,payments (multiple add,edit,delete & prints), expenses(add,edit,delete & prints) and add purcahse by csv file.


Transfer products in warehouses, add,edit, delete & view transfers,
with status and add by csv file


Add, edit, delete & view sales,payments (multiple add,edit,delete & prints),receive payment online (Paypal & Skrills), record delivery order for sales,gift cards (add,sell,edit,delete & prints) and return sales.


System settings to easily set correct,settings as you need, option to manage,logo, currencies, categories, variants,customer groups, tax rates, warehouses,email templates, group permissions, backups and updates.


Overview and warehouse stock chart,product quantity and expiry alerts,daily, monthly, custom sales, payments,profit and/or loss, purchases, categories,customers, suppliers and staff reports.
Multi-lingual,Calendar, Calculator and much more with detailed documentation.


Staff & customer notifications option


This application works with wide range of hardware and on all types of device like Windows, Mac, Iphone, Andriod, Tablet, etc

Payment and giftcard

Now you can accept payment using debit card, credit card, paypal, giftcard, etc. It works with all leading merchants world wide.

24/7 Supports

We are here to support you and your business all round the clock. Our expert tech team work 24/7 to make sure that you business run smoothly.

Reseller Pack

Open your own software company today. We provide complete solution, support, and license to personalize your business.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on customization and the requirements.Contact us here to know about pricing?

Why annual billing?
You can save 15% by signing up for a year at a time. It’s also easier on your accounting department – just one transaction per year instead of 12.

Client's Feedback

To find out real potential and effectiveness of our application, read out the personal views of our customers here:

Techsysplus the POS System is an award-winning iPad Point-of-Sale Solution, for any businesses, with one location, or with multiple locations. Techsysplus POS is a quick, intuitive & secure Point-of-Sale system. Techsysplus POS software offers a feature-rich POS solution for any restaurant, retail, or QSR establishment, with integrated payroll, inventory tracking, customer relationship management & more! It is helping my restaurant business to grow.   "Melyn Nelson"

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Frequently Asked Question

We are pleased to explain all the features and usages of our POS module. Check out answers of the most fundamental questions about our POS module here:

This is a faster, advanced, modern and elegant module that lessens the burden of managing various operations of stock maintenance and retail stores.
Yes! We provide full support to our client to upgrade this module whenever required.
We provide our clients with robust system having high security features to run various accounts. Clients can protect individual accounts using passwords or security pins.
Reseller pack lets you own all the licenses to open your own software company. We also help you personalize and brand your business.