How does BMplus work?

BMplus is designed to reduce the hassle at work place by providing you with a complete solution consisting HelpDesk, Accounting Module, CRM, Order Management Module and many more.

Process Efficiency

BMplus allows all users from different department collaborate together and manage their customers effectively.

Real-time Visibility

The Accounting Module of BMplus gives you a real time pictures of your sales and accounts.

Payment Management

BMplus has ability to management single as well as recurring payment for you service or product.

Accelerated Growth

Tracking and accelerating your sales become easier by using BMplus order management feature

Projectroom: Oversee your projects like never before

A brand new way to incorporate with your client, team member of a project right from the projectroom. Collaborate them more efficiently and effectively.

Quick Access

Revenue Graph


Add New Client

Add New Group

Send Bulk Email



Create Invoice

Add Recurring Invoice

Add New Order

Income Entry

Why you should get Techsys BMplus application for your business?

  • All the organizations are not same, therefore, the application has to be different in order to fulfill specific need of the company. Here, at Techsysplus we customize software according to your need.
  • BMplus automatically creates a separate client login page where your client can login to make payment, add payment, track invoice, create ticket, view knowledgebase, etc.
  • Bulk email is one of the unique feature that is used to promote your product or updates. You can select a specific user using that specific product or services by categorizing.
  • Service Management area helps your client to access the details of the products & service they have purchased.
  • It has a Support Management Module that gives your user create tickets, view knowledgebase articles and chat feature.
  • BMplus is designed to work with multiple language and it can be easily activated by change going in settings.

Some Features

A revolutionary application featuring modern functionality, responsive layout, minimal design and elegance.This module has full potential to handle your customers, products, payments, and orders. It comprises of all required features necessary for running business.

PDF Invoice

One Click Automatic PDF Invoice Creation, Can be downloaded for saving or printing

Rich Ticket System

which allows you to efficiently manage client email requests amongst a team of staff

Order Management

Manage orders placed by clients from client area. Activate order with Activation message. Or Mark as Cancelled. Delete order etc.

Products/Services Management

Manage, add, edit, set price your products and services. Your customer will view your products/ services with details under Client portal. Customer can order your products/services directly from client area.

Send Bulk Email

This is one of the unique feature with great UI to promote your product using Bulk Email.
Simply, Choose your client group, Write email for them and Click send. Email will be delivered to your all clients under selected group

Service Management Area

Allows clients to view the details of the products & services they’ve bought from you. Client can view Service Activation Message (e.g. – Order Activation Details, Login User Password for Active Services etc.) from Client Area

Payments & Invoicing

All the transactions between accounts. (e.g. Customer to Bank, Customer to Paypal, Cash to Bank, Paypal to Bank). This option is also available under Accounting menu.
Add New Invoice for your client for products and services.
Add, Manage Recurring Invoice for your clients. You can create recurring invoice for weekly, monthly, yearly etc.

Simple Accounting

List all accounts (e.g.- Customer, Vendor, Employee, Bank, Cash, Vendor, Liability etc.)
Add income entry, will generate revenue graph based on your transaction. You can generate graph based on date.
Balance sheet will generate based on all your accounts. Shows Net worth based on your all accounts.


System Logs: View all System Activity, Admin Activity, Client Activity.
Sent Email Logs: The logs for all emails sent using the system.
System Status: A system generated snapshot of your system.
Database Cleanup: Perform database cleanup to delete old logs and emails.
Developer Tools: Help Documentation for developers.


This application works with wide range of hardware and on all types of device like Windows, Mac, Iphone, Andriod, Tablet, etc

Payment from client

Now you can accept payment using debit card, credit card, paypal, giftcard, etc. It works with all leading merchants world wide.

24/7 Supports

We are here to support you and your business all round the clock. Our expert tech team work 24/7 to make sure that you business run smoothly.

Become a partner

Open your own software company today. We provide complete solution, support, and license to personalize your business.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on customization and the requirements.Contact us here to know about pricing?

Why annual billing?
You can save 15% by signing up for a year at a time. It’s also easier on your accounting department – just one transaction per year instead of 12.

Client's Feedback

To find out real potential and effectiveness of our application, read out the personal views of our customers here:

“Thanks to Techsysplus for this ultimate application as all the functions as well as customized features have made things quite easier for me as well as other staff members to use it without any issue. The best part about this module is it requires less energy, great support and no additional fee required for further updates. So, enjoy!”

“I found this module quite helpful to me as it allowed to me to get maximum control on various activities of my store. Even when I am not there, I can keep my eyes on what is going on with my store sales and how everything is going on. “

“I love this application because of its’ minimal design as I do not need to spend lots of time figuring out this system to any new employee. Thus, it has made training a way simpler than ever before.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to explain all the features and usages of our BMplus application. Check out answers of the most fundamental questions about our BMplus application here:

This is a faster, advanced, modern and elegant module that lessens the burden of managing various process like payments, orders, invoices, products, etc.
Yes! We provide full support to our client to upgrade this module whenever required.
We provide our clients with robust system having high security features to run various accounts. Clients can protect individual accounts using passwords or security pins.
Reseller pack lets you own all the licenses to open your own software company. We also help you personalize and brand your business.